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ARTSites are locations throughout northern El Paso County which display works of art that are visible to the public. In some cases, these are existing locations and in some cases, they are newly established locations for art. These ARTSites are located on a map published annually by Tri-Lakes Views (TLV), who prints and distributes 1000 of these maps to restaurants, galleries, libraries and hotels/motels throughout the Tri-Lakes area. The intent is to have the arts be a connecting point to unite the disparate geographic regions of northern El Paso County as a community. 

ARTSites grew out of a series of community focus groups and business interviews conducted by Tri-Lakes Views in 2006 where people indicated their desire to interact with art on a daily basis rather than be required to attend a gallery. Working with the Town of Monument, TLV then conducted a Call to Artists and raised funds to install Ice Harvest located at the corner of 2nd St and Beacon Lite Rd in Monument. TLV then began soliciting landowners/organizations throughout the community to become involved by installing a pedestal on which a piece of art could be mounted. With the cooperation of District 38, the Monument Sculpture Park at the District 38 Administration Building became an expansion of the concept.

ARTSites is now an annual exhibition of original sculpture. Tri-Lakes Views sends out a Call to Artists in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, and Arizona. A jury chooses those pieces to be installed in June. Artists receive a stipend to allow their work to be on display for one year. A new map is then printed featuring the newly installed sculptures and acknowledging those landowners/organizations which have sponsored a pedestal where the art is being displayed.

There are two ways to become an ARTSite and be added to the annual ARTSites MAP.

Examples of these sites include the murals on the side of The Villa in Palmer Lake, the sculptures of school mascots in front of Lewis-Palmer and Palmer Ridge High Schools, the miner in front of Peoples Bank on Woodmoor Drive and “Dizzy” on the Village Green in Palmer Lake. If you have such a piece of art on view, simply notify Tri-Lakes Views and it will be added to the next annual publication of the map.

Sculptures require a pedestal large enough to accommodate a variety of sculptures because they will change each year in size/shape/weight. All pedestals built at the Monument Town Hall and the Sculpture Park at Big Red follow the design contributed by the Town of Monument. However, there are many alternatives. Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts has a concrete pedestal that is 3 ft. square and approximately 1 ft high. The Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce has a round concrete pedestal that is approximately 1 ½ ft above ground and the same below ground. Other alternatives could be a large rock, securely anchored into the ground or a concrete sidewalk in which bolts could be driven.

Most pedestals need a metal plate onto which the new sculpture can be welded, or a concrete or rock base for the sculpture to be bolted onto. They also need a space to accommodate an approximately 12 plaque which gives the name of the piece and the artist.

The final requirement for becoming an ARTSITE is a willingness to provide insurance for the sculpture against damage. A contract between the landowner and the artist is required to assure the landowner that the art piece is suitable for outside display and the artist that damage to his/her work would be reimbursed.

Most of the art pieces on display are for sale. Tri-Lakes Views acts as the agent between the artist and the landowner and the artist and a buyer. TLV conducts the Call to Artist, convenes a jury to choose the pieces for the exhibit, un-installs the previous sculpture and installs the new work, pays the artist stipend and publishes and distributes the annual map. Should an art piece sell, TLV receives 25% of the sale price as a commission.

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