Local bookstore hosts local authors

Covered Treasures bookstore, 105 2nd Street, is known for hosting local authors for book signings. Their Spotlight on Local Authors events happen monthly. On January 18th, the store hosted New York Times best-selling author Sandra Dallas. Her new book, Westering Women was released in early January and Dallas was at the bookstore to sign this new edition, as well as her Someplace to Call Home. Everyone there got the chance to have a few minutes with Dallas.

Next up is their spotlight on Feb. 22nd when they will have five local authors signing books.

Mava Joyce Aubrey will sign her book, Beyond the Aftershocks along with Rachel Friday (The Sticky Place between Hope and Heartbreak), Gene McKenzie (Debunking the Diet Myth, Larry Patzer (The Palm Tree) and Mark Pope (Calli on the Loose).

Covered Treasures will host another group of authors on March  14 including Jean Alfieri (Zuggy The Rescue Pig), Nancy Kent-Koenig (Full Immersion), Kim Myers and Luke Flowers (Rackitty and Theodora), Donna Schlachter (Double Jeopardy) and Kim Yates (Hobbelstocks).

For information about the store, call 719-481-2665.

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